Do I Look Odd To You

A Cosmic Multicultural Kids' Book Introducing Children to Diversity

"You’ll find as you travel through space that there are very few creatures
with the same looking face. If we can embrace our differences, then it’s
easy to see that you can be you and I can be me."

A First Step to Classroom Success Book

Images from the book Do I Look Odd To You

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Book Cover for Do I Look Odd To YOu

 Title Do I Look Odd To You
 Author  Rebecca and James McDonald
 Publisher  House of Lore
 Page Count
 ISBN  978-0-9863151-4-5
 Price $ 9.95
 Publication Date
 June 15, 2015

Description of the book

“I could be red… I could be green… I could be somewhere in between…” Diversity comes to life in the night sky of a faraway world where being different is quite normal.

This is a wonderful book for every child’s collection, written as an engaging poem for kids, with rich illustrations reminiscent of the works of Vincent van Gogh.

"A fantastic resource for any classroom. Traveling to a different planet to find a new culture and a creature that can become any color is a great idea."
-Joanne Ryder