Planting ABC in a Garden of Memory

Research has shown that one of the best predictors of spelling and reading
abilities in children depends upon a child's knowledge of letter names and
sounds at an early age (Hammill, 2004; Scarborough, 1998; Schatschneider,
Fletcher, Francis, Carlson, & Foorman, 2004).
With that in mind we created Planting ABC in a Garden of Memory.
Images of pages from the ABC book Planting ABC in a Garden of Memory - The fastest way to teach kids their ABCs.

How The ABC Book Works:

1.  You begin by tracing the letters in the garden, showing your child each of the letters as you come to it, such as in the image below. This allows for spatial memory to help your child remember the letters.

2.  Then, on the following pages, you visit each of the letters and repeat the rhyme, which makes use of acoustic memorization.  For the first time through it it's best to allow the child to examine the images for as long as they want.  Focusing on the rhyme will come after a couple times of walking through the garden (see the images below). You will also find it helpful to flip back and forth from the letters to the map and show your child where the letter was.

3.  On the next pages you review  where each of the letters was in the garden and what animal, object, or insect went with that letter (see images above), further pinning in the letter with the location, and the rhyme.

4.  Lastly you play the 3 games and print off and give your child a certificate of achievement after each game is won.  When you child has earned all 3 certificates they will be incredibly strong in their understanding of the ABCs (games and certificates can be found below).

Planting ABC in a Garden of Memory - map with letters
Click the image of the map above and print it off.
When you read the book have your child hold the map
they can use their spatial memory to remember the letters.

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Book Cover of Planting ABC in a Garden of Memory

 Title Planting ABC in a Garden of Memory
 Author Rebecca and James McDonald
 Publisher House of Lore
 Page Count
 ISBN 978-0-9863151-5-2
 Price$ 9.95
 Publication Date
July 19, 2015

Description of the book

Using a mind palace is a great way to remember things. The idea is to associate what needs to be remembered with strong visual images in a set location (spatial learning).  Planting ABC in a Garden of Memory pins letters to funny images within a set environment, utilizing alliteration to achieve proper pronunciation, and an ABC rhyme for faster acoustic memorization of the alphabet based upon the usage of sound patterns and syllable repetition.

From ancient Greece, to Sherlock Holmes, and all of the memory masters in between, the mind palace has existed for centuries and is the perfect tool to help your child learn their ABCs.

Use Planting ABC in a Garden of Memory as a resource to help your child advance through their ABCs and onto beginning reading by combining historic and cutting-edge techniques of memory management which help to establish immediate associations that shift learning from short term to long term memory.