Why Mama Why - A Giraffe's First Day on Earth

Why Mama Why - A Giraffe's First Day on Earth

Little giraffe was born today and she’s filled with questions. Why, Why, Why is almost all she can say in this beautiful heartwarming tale of a mother giraffe guiding her young one through her first day of life.

Images from the book Why Mama Why: A Little Giraffe's First Day on Earth.

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Why Mama Why book cover

Description of the book

“Why, Mama, Why,” asks Little Giraffe as she tries to make sense of the new world around her.

Little Giraffe is new to the world and she has all kinds of questions for Mother Giraffe. Sometimes the answers are easy and sometimes they’re hard.

It doesn’t take long for Little Giraffe to realize that life is full of lessons and Mother Giraffe is a loving guide.